Friday, 17 February 2012

Not So Good

Quiet day at home today. I had to get my Mother in Law to open a soup canister for me :/ lame. Try as I might I could not pull off the little silver-y plastic top *sigh*. Pain wise was not good for my wrists and fingers today. I kept gazing out the window hoping my arthritis gloves would magically come early, but alas. I'm still feeling nauseous as well, not my favourite thing. I did find that seeping the ginger longer did help, even though it was still the frozen one. I'll pick up some fresh ginger tomorrow with Bran.

I've been feeling a bit sad today. Just out of sorts, not being able to open my soup or really do anything. I was able to do a load of laundry, and even hung it out on the porch instead of being lazy and using the dryer. Celebrate the small victories eh? ;) I then had a lovely evening of watching chick flicks while Bran was out with the boys.

It's much as I can understand that my arthritis and fatigue and skin stuff are all mild compared to, say, someone in a wheel chair, it's still difficult. I'm not expecting people to feel bad for me or anything like that, and I appreciate the doctors taking care of me and my families support. I just wish I could have a few "good" days soon. The pain has gotten worse and spread quite dramatically. Hopefully the gloves will help. Hopefully the mtx will kick in and stop making me ill.

P.S. I think going back on wheat is hurting my stomach :( sad.

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